I’m not a traditional executive coach.
And I enjoy working with non-traditional people


"A large part of running a rapidly growing company - and this isn’t the part that you broadcast to your customers or investors - is that it’s difficult. Really difficult. There are always issues; issues with product, issues with processes, and issues with people - all of which are demands on one's energy and attention; Where do I focus my time? What areas can you have the biggest impact on? What’s really important and what’s noise? Through Jorge’s coaching he has helped me to focus on the areas that really matter, whilst demonstrating behaviours and leadership skills through better communication that encourage my executive team to achieve better results. As a result, we are accomplishing more and things are running (a lot!) more smoothly."

Anthony|Entrepreneur and Founder

"After six coaching sessions with Jorge I have been able to find my own voice and finally accept that I have intrinsic needs of my own. Jorge consistently provided me with the opportunities to discern the true nature of my life situation, to become aware of where I am, where I really want to go and what I needed to do to get there. Together, we explored values, biases and natural tendencies. Many of the ideas and possible projects that came out of those sessions are now in production, and its results will be directly linked to the work I have done with Jorge in the past months.
I would highly recommend Jorge as a coach, especially if you are ready to shift and grow beyond from where you are now."

Cristina Lau Tung|BMO Global Asset Management

"Starting a new role at a more senior level, I really wanted some outside help and advice on how to be most successful in my first few months. Through listening, challenging and advising me Jorge has really helped me better understand what makes me tick, what support I need, and the impact my working style has on those around me. Jorge has helped me be better prepared to face the challenges of my new role and is helping me to become a better leader."

Craig|Chief Information Officer, FTSE100

"One of the things I really value about Jorge is his capacity to ask questions that are astute, puzzling, and transformational. His curiosity about what makes me tick helps me to discover it for myself, and paves the way for challenging the assumptions and habits that have held me back. In just a few sessions he has helped me get to the bottom of some fruitless behaviour, establish a path forward, and successfully navigate a complex career transition. At the heart of Jorge’s approach is a willingness to seamlessly move between coaching and mentoring, in a way that both gets to the core of an issue and empowers one with greater skills to navigate it successfully. You will not regret choosing Jorge as your coach."

Sarah Shenow|Portfolio Manager

"Jorge has a unique way of saying an awful lot with very few words. The questions he asks seem simple but open doors in your consciousness that you either didn't acknowledge or had been ignoring for a while. My coaching sessions have really been transformative and not something I could have done on my own."

Natalie|Scientific Advisor, Pharmaceutical Industry