What I Do

I’m not a traditional executive coach.
And I enjoy working with non-traditional people

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I am an executive coach and work with individuals who want to grow and succeed, and companies that invest in their people to drive performance and nurture the culture. There are a number of ways in which I help my clients but the basic principles are always the same –increase self-awareness and establish the now; define goals, objectives and aspirations and clarify the future state; create the right framework and mindset for change and support you throughout the journey.

Knowing yourself is the first step of any transformation journey. I use a set of tools, including psychometric profiling to help you increase your self-awareness and understand your natural patterns of behaviour and why they occur.

My coaching is always bespoke. It is customised to you, your needs and your aspirations. I will guide you and support you in unlocking your potential and breaking the barriers that you impose yourself.

Understanding team dynamics and the individual components of any group are critical for creating a high performing team. I help leaders be as effective as they can be and make the most of the human resources available to them.

How I can help my clients

Founders and Entrepreneurs

Develop leadership skills.
You want to unlock your potential and become a well-rounded leader

Scale up and manage growth.
You want your business to match your ambition and you want to feel in control of all moving parts

Delegate and communicate effectively.
You want to share your vision clearly and empower others to achieve.

Inspire and develop a team.
You want to create followship and be surrounded by a high performing team

Improve life/work balance and reduce stress.
You want to do it all without compromising on all other things that are important to you.

Transition into Senior roles

Manage change with confidence. 
You want succeed without feeling overwhelmed.

Build your personal brand. 
You want to have a positive impact on others while being authentic.

Extend your network of influence. 
You want to build relationships and raise your profile.

Have gravitas at the Board level. 
You want to create presence and have a voice at the tabe.

Senior Executive and Corporate coaching

Manage your career with purpose. 
You want to have clarity on what’s important to you and how to build the path you want.

Develop your authentic leadership style. 
You want to hone your leadership skills while keep a style that is true to yourself.

Be assertive and build confidence.
You want to communicate effectively and confidently to drive results.

Team effectiveness workshops.
You want to create a high performing team underpinned by a great working culture.

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